A New Era Begins:
SolarEdge Acquires Wevo

SolarEdge acquires Wevo, forming a powerful alliance for sustainable EV charging. Here’s what the future looks like.

Today marks a milestone in our journey — a journey that has been powered by innovation, persistence, and a commitment to make EV charging accessible for everyone. We are thrilled to announce that Wevo has been acquired by our long-standing strategic partner SolarEdge; a global leader in smart energy technology.

Deepening Our Commitment to Accessible EV Charging

SolarEdge first joined us on this electrifying journey as a strategic partner, initially acquiring a significant stake in Wevo. Their initial investment was a vote of confidence in our vision and capabilities. Now, they’ve decided to deepen our partnership even further by bringing us fully into the SolarEdge family. This move is a testament to our shared goals and the success we’ve achieved together so far.

Still Here for All Your EV Charging Needs

Rest assured, Wevo is still Wevo. Our mission, team, and the high-quality solutions you rely on aren’t changing. The unique needs of our customers and partners remain our top priority, and you can continue to rely on us for all your EV charging needs. To make things even clearer, we’ve prepared a Q&A section that should hopefully answer all of your questions. ⚡️

SolarEdge Acquires Wevo: What Now?

With SolarEdge at our side, Wevo now stands on a foundation that is stronger than ever. By uniting our expertise, we’re set to accelerate our shared vision of an energy-efficient future. What does it look like? Picture each parking spot alive with electricity, intelligently distributed to charge every vehicle just as needed—melding into our everyday lives, energizing our travels without taxing the grid or the planet. Today marks a pivotal step towards this future: a world where sustainability stands on its own—a planet where every tomorrow thrives on renewable power. 🌱

Thank You for Joining Us on the Ride!

We’re really excited about what’s next with SolarEdge on our team. This is going to bring good things our way, and we want you to know that. We’re just getting warmed up and can’t wait to show you what we have in store. 🚀

Watch our co-founders share their thoughts and feelings about this monumental moment in Wevo’s history:


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