Product Features

Explore our powerful features, supporting every aspect of your EV charging experience

Solar integration

Seamlessly integrate with solar power systems, prioritizing self-consumption for up to 66% cost reduction.

Roaming network

Publish your public chargers to millions of roaming users via the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI).

Scan to charge

Our QR stickers enable guest payments using any smart phone. No need for app downloads or registrations.

Member and segment users

Segment users by site, account or membership groups to provide refined control and flexible pricing options per group.

Multi payment options

Our EV charging service provides a variety of payment methods, making it easy for you to manage your charging costs.

Hardware agnostic

Integrate with any EV OCPP supported charging hardware providing you with freedom of choice.

Secure mode

Secure Mode ensures only authorized users can access the chargers using an RFID or mobile app activation.

Fully cloud based solution

Eliminate the need for on-site hardware, simplifying installation and management of your EV charging, even when the site is offline!

Access control

Use RFIDs to easily provide secure charging without the need of an app.

Demand-based pricing

Decrease your customers’ energy costs and increase your margin by automatically charging at the lowest available rate.

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