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A group of EV and energy industry veterans, we’ve built essential systems that are used by tens of thousands of EV drivers on a daily basis. At Wevo, we’re leveraging our decades of expertise and our passion for clean energy and electric vehicles to provide solutions that reduce our carbon footprint.

Our mission is ‘Electrify Every Parking Space’. We believe that accessible, cost-effective EV charging is critical for a net zero future.

Our Story

Many of our friends and colleagues who live in high-rises or apartment complexes avoided buying electric cars because they couldn’t charge them at home.

After looking into the numbers, we realized that this is a widespread issue, as 40% of OECD residents live in apartment buildings without the right electrical infrastructure for EV charging. Additionally, many workplaces aren’t eager to introduce EV electrification due to the high costs of network upgrades. 

We founded Wevo to bring simple, efficient, and cost-effective EV charging to the most energy-demanding environments, including apartment complexes, workplaces, and commercial centers.

By providing accessible EV charging, we’re both solving a global issue that is dear to our hearts, and working toward a more sustainable future.

A new era begins

Wevo Energy was acquired by SolarEdge Technologies on April 4th, 2024.

We remain a stand-alone company managed by the same team and maintain our mission and values of supporting any charger using open standards. We are just going to do this faster and with a broader global reach.

In parallel, we are integrating into SolaredgeONE, offering SolarEdge customers a single solution for on-site solar generation, battery storage, and EV charging.

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