SolarEdge Launches Solar-Attached EV Solution with Wevo Energy

SolarEdge Launches solar-attached EV solution powered by Wevo, optimizes solar generation, battery storage and large-scale EV charging for commercial buildings

SolarEdge, a renowned global leader in smart energy technology, has made a significant stride in the field of electric vehicle (EV) management solutions. The company has partnered with Wevo Energy to launch a solar-attached EV management solution for the Commercial and Industrial segment. This new software-based solution is designed to optimize the EV charging process for locations that require dynamic load management and have large amounts of EVs. Such locations include apartment buildings, workplaces, and public charging locations.

The solution utilizes advanced AI-based predictive algorithms to manage EV charging optimally. These algorithms incorporate real-time data analytics and consider solar production, dynamic electricity prices, and tiered charging schedules. The solution is seamlessly integrated with SolarEdge’s energy management system. This feature ensures the solution can orchestrate and optimize the interactions between facility solar generation, stationary battery storage, and large-scale EV charging. The system also takes into account grid and infrastructure limitations.

The EV charging management solution leverages technology developed by Wevo Energy, in which SolarEdge is an investor. This integration ensures the solution is of the highest quality, delivering the best possible results. Launching this new solution is a significant milestone for the EV industry, and it will significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of EV charging for commercial and industrial locations.

Read the full press release here.

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