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EV Smart Charging

Hierarchical energy management

  • Our system automatically and dynamically controls EV chargers’ energy and power to maximize usage of your electrical connection.
  • Gain visibility and control of all elements in the electrical hierarchy: your main connection, every panel, every wire, and every charger.
  • Integrate to on-site metering and gain visibility into non-EV loads to provide automated limit adjustments.
  • Our 100% cloud-based platform does not require any on-site hardware and still works when the connection is offline.

AI-based Predictive Load Balancing (PLB)

  • Our system automatically monitors and learns drivers’ habits and vehicle capabilities to build an AI-based model of the site load requirements.
  • We use this model to build a daily optimized charging schedule, ensuring all vehicles are charged at the right time with the lowest possible cost.
  • Predictive Load Balancing (PLB) outperforms traditional load balancing by 2.5x, doubling EV capacity without increasing the grid connection or impacting the customer experience.
EV charging management software with AI-based Predictive Load Balancing (PLB)
EV charging management software - Demand-based pricing

Demand-based pricing

  • Decrease your customers’ energy costs and increase your margin by automatically charging at the lowest available rate.
  • Offer automatic charging during the most cost-effective times by using our system’s knowledge of energy costs and grid side incentives.
  • Empower users to charge on-demand for increased flexibility.

Public Charging

  • Map-based navigation and charge initiation
  • Show your public and semi-public chargers on a map
  • Let drivers initiate and track charge progress from the app
  • Complete payment and billing solutions available globally
Wevo app EV public charging
EV charging management software with transparent and simplified billing

Transparent and simplified billing

  • Provide straightforward, clear pricing plans to your users.
  • Use our app to gain visibility into real-time charging costs and historical transactions.
  • Distribute automated monthly statements.
  • Support multiple billing options: monthly charge, per-session, and salary reimbursement.
  • Access global credit card processing support.

White labeling

  • Elevate your brand and accelerate your EV charging leadership.
  • Utilize our flexible design options, including your logo, icons, and color schemes.
EV charging management software white label
White labeling EV charging management software
Data-driven analytics EV charging management software

Data-driven analytics

  • Get access to extensive reports and insights using our intuitive, built-in BI dashboard.
  • Go as deep as you want with standard reports, customized reports, or full access to your data through our user-friendly BI interface.

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