What Is An Electrical Vehicle Charge Point Operator (EV CPO)?

An EV Charge Point Operator (CPO) manages electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Click here to learn about Wevo Energy software solutions for EV CPO.

An Electrical Vehicle Charge Point Operator (EV CPO) is a company or organization that owns, operates, and manages electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This includes public and private charging stations and the hardware and software systems needed to manage them.

An EV CPO typically offers a range of charging options to meet the needs of different types of electric vehicles and drivers. These options may include different levels of charging speed, payment methods, and access controls.

An EV CPO also plays a key role in developing and expanding EV charging infrastructure. This includes identifying and securing locations for new charging stations, negotiating contracts with property owners and other stakeholders, and implementing the necessary infrastructure and systems to support EV charging.

In addition to operating charging stations, EV CPOs may also offer additional services such as maintenance and repair, customer support, and billing and payment processing.

The EV Charge Point Operator typically uses charging management software (CMS) to monitor and manage their charging stations remotely. This software can track charging sessions, manage user accounts, accept and process payments from EV drivers, and generate reports. The more advances CMS provides energy usage optimization to help balance the load on the grid and reduce energy costs.

Overall, the role of EV CPOs is to ensure that electric vehicle drivers have access to reliable, convenient, and cost-effective charging options and to help facilitate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system.

Wevo Energy is a leading provider of software solutions for EV Charge Point Operators. We provide a software platform that supports every scenario: apartment complexes, workplaces, fleets, destination, and public charging.


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