List of OCPP Certified Platforms

A downloadable, always-updated, table of all Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Certified Charging Station Management Systems (CSMS)

The list of OCPP Certified charging station management systems is always available on the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) website. However, that website’s list is text-based and hard to download and process.

As a service to the public, Wevo Energy has created an automated Google Sheets script that scrapes that site daily and formats the content into easy-to-use tables. We also publish a list of OCA-certified Charging Stations.

OCCP certification logos
OCCP certification logos

Only certified products can use the certification logos:

Wevo Energy is a leading provider of software solutions for smart EV charging. We provide a fully OCPP-certified (full certification and security certification) software platform that supports every scenario: apartment complexes, workplaces, fleets, destination, and public charging.


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