Charging Up Your EV Business:
8 Tips from EVAYA CEO Ido Dagan

Get crucial tips for building a successful EV charging business provided by Ido Dagan, a CPO leader in providing charging solutions for multifamily residential areas.

In this blog post, we share valuable insights from Ido Dagan, CEO of EVAYA, a leader in providing charging solutions for multifamily residential areas. Through his experience and partnership with Wevo, he outlines eight crucial tips for building a successful EV charging business:

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Here are the 8 essential tips he shared:

1. Delay Capital Investment: High upfront costs can be a hurdle. Plan deployments carefully to minimize financing and interest rate sensitivity.

2. Embrace Open, Certified Platforms: Avoid closed systems that limit future flexibility. Opt for open platforms like Wevo for broader compatibility and easier updates.

3. Utilize Multiple Hardware Vendors: Gain independence, better negotiation power, and customized solutions by using various pre-certified charger vendors.

4. Save with Wevo PLB: Reduce infrastructure costs with Wevo’s predictive load management. Use existing building panels and minimize cabling through smart string architecture.

5. Leverage Time-of-Use Tariffs: Offer competitive pricing by utilizing off-peak hours for charging. Wevo’s delay charging feature helps you manage costs while maintaining margins.

6. Choose a Flexible System: Adapt to diverse customer needs with Wevo’s flexible pricing models. Offer standard, boost, fixed, and cost-plus-margin options to cater to different preferences.

7. Don’t Forget Billing: Streamline the process with Wevo’s automated billing. Enjoy automatic calculations, clear reports, and hassle-free invoicing for both you and your customers.

8. Prioritize Customer Experience: Make charging easy and user-friendly. Wevo’s intuitive app guides users through every step, minimizing customer service needs.

Bonus Tip: Partner with a Reliable OCPP Provider Like Wevo.

Building a successful EV charging business in MDUs requires strategic planning and the right partners. By following these tips and leveraging technologies like Wevo’s open platform, you can minimize costs, offer flexible solutions, and create a positive customer experience, setting your business up for long-term success.

Case Study: Optimizing EV Charging in Multi-Dwelling Units

Ido presented a real-world example of our solution in action: a complex consisting of four buildings. With 32 active chargers sharing a 150-amp main panel (excluding 50 amps reserved for other uses), daily transactions average 15-20. Notably, these buildings share a large, geographically challenging parking space.

Wevo solution involved deploying six sub-panels strategically positioned to support future expansion.

Wevo's Timeview energy load management
Smart delayed charging in action

The graph on above depicts peak charging hours (5-10 PM) as a pink band. As expected, midday saw increased charging, which automatically paused at 5 PM. However, three users requiring immediate charging activated the boost feature. Remarkably, by 10 PM, all vehicles were fully charged without manual intervention, thanks to intelligent load management. The peak demand reached approximately 120 amps, well within capacity. This demonstrates the system’s ability to deliver efficient charging while avoiding expensive grid upgrades.

This project highlights the value of Wevo approach. With minimal infrastructure investment (six sub-panels), we achieved optimal charging, satisfied users, and avoided grid updates. As a CPO, knowing my system seamlessly delivers electricity during peak hours brings immense peace of mind.

Ready to electrify your business?

Dagan’s insights and the power of Wevo’s platform can help you navigate the journey successfully, ensuring satisfied customers and a thriving EV charging operation.

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