How Smart Charging Solutions Can Break Down Barriers

Struggling to install EV charging due to limited power? Wevo's smart charging solutions optimize energy use, allowing you to maximize chargers & minimize costs. Learn about load balancing, OCPP & more!

Thinking about installing EV charging stations in your building but worried about your electrical capacity? You’re not alone. Many property managers face challenges due to limitations in existing infrastructure. But fear not, fellow future-focused facilitator of electric dreams (or at least commutes)!
Marina Hod, Wevo’s Managing Director of Americas, dives into smart charging solutions that can help you maximize EV charging options without breaking the bank.

Watch the webinar to learn more:

The Usual Suspects: Challenges of Cramped Charging

Before diving into the world of smart solutions, let’s acknowledge the common roadblocks:

  • Ownership Ambiguity: Who foots the bill for chargers in shared spaces like apartment buildings or workplaces? This question can be a tangled mess.
  • Infrastructure Blues: Older buildings might not have the electrical wiring muscle to support a herd of hungry EVs.
  • Power and the Price Tag: Limited power availability can put the brakes on installing enough chargers to meet demand.
  • Billing Blues: Ensuring a smooth and transparent billing process for residents or employees who use the chargers can feel like a logistical hurdle.

Enter the Hero: Smart Charging Solutions to the Rescue

Here’s where things get exciting! We’re talking about technologies that can turn those limitations into opportunities:

  • Load Management: This superhero ensures everyone gets a fair share of the electrical power pie. It distributes power intelligently to chargers, preventing overloads and keeping the grid happy.
    Innovative installation and management approach greatly reduces infrastructure spend
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Compatibility: Imagine a world where chargers from different brands all speak the same language! Wevo’s system does just that, offering flexibility and future-proofing your setup.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Think of this as a real-time energy use optimizer. It considers non-EV loads like water pumps, allowing you to squeeze in more chargers without overloading the system.
  • Smart Charging Schedules: Imagine automatically charging EVs during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower. This translates to lower costs for building owners and drivers – a win-win!
  • Driver Control: Need a quick top-up before heading out? Drivers can choose to override default settings for a faster charge, though it might come at a premium cost.

The Data Speaks: The Power of Smart Charging

The webinar we referenced showcased some impressive results from buildings using Wevo’s smart charging system:

  • Peak Power Houdini: By capping charging during peak hours, they significantly reduced peak demand on the grid.
  • Off-Peak Champions: The system shifted charging to off-peak periods, capitalizing on lower electricity rates.
  • A Win for All: Overall, energy use was optimized, benefitting building owners, drivers, and the stability of the electrical grid.

The Takeaway: A Brighter Future for EV Charging

By embracing smart charging solutions, you can overcome infrastructure constraints and pave the way for a more robust EV charging network in your building. This not only benefits building owners and drivers, but also contributes to a more sustainable future for everyone.

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